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winter wheelsWinter inevitably brings ice and snow which means treacherous road conditions, but there is a way to prepare for this – winter wheels from alloywheels.com!

Winter wheels – What are the benefits?

These are becoming a fairly common sight in the UK, and while they are not compulsory over here, there are many benefits to fitting winter wheels to your vehicle as the colder months are rapidly approaching. Particularly useful when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, winter wheels can offer improved grip, handling and cornering, reduce stopping distances and ultimately keep you safe and secure out on the road. The UK typically experiences harsh weather conditions from November to March, that’s around one third of the year, so it seems only right to equip your vehicle with wheels that are designed to cope.

What is the difference between summer & winter tyres?

winter wheelsWinter tyres are made with a compound that has much more natural rubber than summer versions as this helps them keep their form and grip when they get cold. Sales of winter tyres have been on the rise, particularly since 2010’s famous cold snap, and it is vitally important to prioritise your safety by ensuring your vehicle does not suffer the damaging effects of winter. A standard summer tyre is not designed to withstand low temperatures and as a result it will solidify, lose elasticity and no longer perform to a safe standard. Recovery services highly recommend investing in winter wheels, especially for drivers who live in remote locations and those frequently driving through heavy rain, ice or snow.

Order winter wheels online today!

When deciding whether to buy a set of winter wheels, take into consideration the cost of them, where you plan to store them and how often you are likely to use them. Thousands of accidents every winter are caused by ice and snow, so stay one step ahead this year by ordering your brand new winter wheels here on alloywheels.com.

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